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storage solutions

As we’re entering the spring and summer months, now is the perfect opportunity to start decluttering and reorganising your home, after-all it is called ‘spring cleaning’ for a reason. Spring is when new life is born and this season represents a fresh start, which is true for your home too.

Having a well organised home requires ample storage, which can prove tricky in smaller, more space conscious homes. However, once you figure out what storage works for you, you can be sure you’ll be making the most of all of the space you have available.


Wall shelving is great for storage especially if you’re short on floor space. Unused walls are a great place to add extra storage and give you the option to put in as many shelves as you require. Having shelving can also look great, and can act as a display space, for sentimental ornaments and accessories.

Boxes and Baskets

Storage doesn’t have to be boring, there are plenty of chic and stylish storage boxes and baskets that work as both home accessories and as excellent storage facilities. Larger baskets are great for shoe storage as well as working particularly well in bathrooms, acting as towel or cleaning storage. Patterned, stackable boxes work well for stationary and smaller items, and have an element of design, to enhance any room.


Having a garage comes with great flexibility, as this particular home addition can act as an area to support saving space inside your home itself. It’s the place where seasonal items can be stored, along with rarely used items, for example a bike, old car, gardening tools or equipment. The garage really can be an extra space for whatever you please, which can come in handy if you’re short on space. Garages have a tendency to get rather chaotic, but there are a number of ways to keep it organised and tidy. A bike rack mounted onto the wall is a fantastic addition to any garage, as this saves on floor space and means you won’t have to leave your bike laying around where it could be damaged. Shelving is an excellent addition to a garage, it means you can place boxes on it or store tools and equipment in a way that won’t take up too much space. Another great wall to utilise wall space is to add hooks and hang things like gardening tools. Most garages are used to store a car, so it is important to utilise the wall space, so it can still fit a car. If you’re looking to add some extra space to your home, there are a fantastic range of concrete garages from Lidget Compton.

Multifunctional Furniture

If you are short on space, multifunctional furniture could be your best friend. Again, it is an excellent way to free up floor space whilst maximising storage opportunities. Desks which have ample drawers and cupboards are great to avoid clutter of stationary and paperwork., in fact any furniture which has drawers built in, such as beds, will always come in handy.

Unused Spaces

On the surface, this may seem obvious, but even the smallest of unused spaces you might have in your house such as cubby holes or window sills should be utilised. Anywhere that you may think is useless could be used for storage purposes and it’s important to always make the most of what you have.

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