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how to cool down a stuffy apartment


However, it is probably time to make some simple changes to get your home feeling airy and welcoming again.

The UK is known for some stuffy buildings, and none more so than a top floor flat whose windows don’t open! And if you’re in this position during the summer, you’re probably not going to have a very good time! 

If you’re renting, you probably don’t want to make any major changes to the property, but if you own your home, you’ll want to showcase it at its best in the summer months in order to get the place off of your hands and sell at a good price.

Either way, here are a few His & Hers tips to help you (and your guests or potential buyers) enjoy your home during the hottest days of the year…

Even with a whole balcony to enjoy the fresh air on, you’ll need to make sure the inside of your home is just as welcoming as the temperatures rise.

Check For Any Leaks

Sometimes the stuffiness we breathe in is more serious than some errant humidity, and it can actually be a gas leak. So first things first: make sure you don’t have one of these on your hands! It’s incredibly dangerous, and can happen at any time of the year; make sure it doesn’t spoil your holiday.

Check over all your appliances, in the kitchen specifically, and see if they’re working properly. Ask yourself: has the way they work changed at all recently? Identifying a gas leak is about being eagle eyed to pick up on any differences.

Thankfully, if you live in rented accommodation, you should be able to check your boiler or heating situation, checking over the gas safe certificates that are hung up next to these systems. It’s a law that these should be there, and if not, it’s time to contact your landlord for an inspection.

Get a Fan at the Least

Fans are incredibly useful items, and you should have one in your cupboard for times like these. If you have a fan on your bedside table at night, you’re still going to be sleeping well due to the cool breeze on your body (even if you’re still under a blanket!).

People are meant to sleep in cool conditions for a good night’s rest, and you shouldn’t let yourself be any different here. Don’t worry, you’re not going to suffer massively without a fan on your face if you don’t have one; sleep nearer the window, or turn the fan off because of money considerations when you feel yourself dropping off. And there’s no chance you’re going to suffer something fatal either!

Stuffy apartments need to be things of the past. Let yourself enjoy the warmest of the year by airing your place out properly and making sure everything works properly. A little bit of work now means a lot of relaxing later, and in style with no chance of heat stroke! And no gas leaks either, which are usually invisible and odourless: make your apartment more of a loving home.

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