How to create a practical and stylish home office

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stylish home office

For so many, the option to work from home is a more readily available and often utilised option, but with that comes the demand for a functional and comfortable home office. Whether it’s a dedicated corner of the home, or an individual room, ensuring that your home office is a space that offers practicality and style can lead to both increased productivity and motivation. Here are 5 top tips to consider when designing you very own home office.

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Consider an inspiration board

What better way to keep track of your goals than by having them in front of you? An inspiration board is not only a fantastic place to keep record of any impending deadlines or important to-do lists but is also a great space for encouragement. In moments where a little motivation is required, seeing your own achievements laid bare can be extremely stimulating, and a fantastic energiser. Not only this, inspiration boards are extremely on trend, with so many high profile and fashionable offices having their own wire or grid boards in shades of copper and monochrome gracing the walls.

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Pick a great office chair

If you’re intending on spending many an hour in your home office, you’re going to need an office chair that is not only stylish but extremely practical. The chair you choose needs to be both supportive and comfortable and will require an element of durability to ensure regular and often costly replacements won’t be required. When selecting your chair, look for something that provides lower back support, promotes good posture and alleviates any back pain.

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Dress your windows practically

Natural light is an important cue within a home office and treating your windows in an appropriate manner can ensure that you are utilising the light on offer to a maximum. As every home, and every set of windows is different, it’s important to do your research around which window treatment is most suitable for your space. For example, venetian blinds could be a suitable option for those wanting to be able to alter light levels throughout the day, whereas a patterned roller blind could add character and a hint of style to a space. As each individual room is so different, it’s sensible to consider a bespoke window treatment, such as the made to measure blinds for sale at Terrys Fabrics, as more specific needs can be tailored to, whether that be for the sole purpose of adding privacy, controlling light or adding a dash of flare to your home office.

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Include indoor plants

When designing your very own home office, it’s important to bear in mind how frequently you will be using the space, and any steps you may be able to take in order to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Plants are a fantastic addition to any home office, not only do they have air improving qualities, but they also have the ability to stabilise humidity levels, making your home office more temperature regulated. Green is often synonymous with a relaxing and calming notion; therefore, it could also be suggested that by adding a hint of the shade to the room in the form of indoor plants, you’re more likely to feel less stressed within the space itself.

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Lighting is key

Much like the utilisation of window treatments to ensure natural light is at an optimum level, artificial light is an extremely important factor to consider when designing your home office. As artificial light is heavily relied on throughout the darker months of the year, when natural light is at a minimum, it’s important to strike up the right balance for optimum productivity. By considering where your light is coming from, you’re more likely to position the variety of lamps and bulbs you have chosen appropriately. Avoid any light directly overhead, as this can cause unwanted and often harsh glare, as can light directly behind you. Distribute both accent lighting and task lighting evenly throughout the room for an effective and well-lit workspace.

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