9 ways to make your home into a summer sanctuary

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summer sanctuary

With summer in full swing and many of us spending more time at home, it is important that our homes feel positive, fresh, and revitalised. Whether you are into decorating and styling or simply want to make your space feel brighter, here are nine ways to refresh your home this summer if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Bring the botanicals indoors

Fresh flowers and house plants are a great way to make the home feel alive. Not only do they thrive in summer, but house plants regulate and purify the air as well as making gorgeous statement pieces throughout the home. Meanwhile, a fresh bouquet of flowers is a low-maintenance alternative that can act as an instant mood-lifter while bringing a vibrant burst of colour.

summer sanctuary 1

Rearrange the living room

It may seem simple, but a quick rearrange of furniture and décor can give a new atmosphere to a room and make you feel more inspired to spend time in each space. To make your living space feel more open, move sofas and chairs to the sides of the room and include a statement piece such as a coffee table, ornament, or artwork in eye view that you’ll see as you enter. This will allow your room to feel open and appear larger.

Let in natural light and fresh air

Natural light is a brilliant mood enhancer, so it is key to make the most of it in your home in light and warm months.  Windows and doors with larger glass panes are a great investment that will allow the outdoors in; patio doors from Quickslide allow the sun to enter while being a seamless transition to the outdoors when they are open. In the winter, they keep the cold out while still giving you and your family a boost of serotonin from the sunlight.

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Brighten up your bedroom

By changing up the colours in the bedroom, it will instantly reflect the light throughout the space. Swap out darker bedding and cushions for lighter pastels, white and creams. For a splash of colour, greens and bright yellow are brilliant for mimicking the outdoors for a fresh look.

Create space for your hobbies

Summer is a great time to draw inspiration and motivation from bright and sunny days, so make sure there’s space for you to spend time investing in your hobby, whether it is painting, reading, or writing in a cosy area with natural light and a comfy chair.

Include a social space outdoors

Many families will be making the most of the warm weather outdoors, so make sure your garden area is set up for socialising with family and friends. Minimal outdoor furniture may be your go-to, or maybe you will opt for a sofa or egg chair, fire pit and paddling pool to dip your feet into.

Refresh your front door

Often a fixture that can be neglected, the front door is the first impression of your home. Take the opportunity to update the paintwork on a sunny day, whether you choose a bold, bright colour or you fancy replacing it altogether for a newer style.

summer sanctuary 3

Invest in light florals

In keeping with the botanical theme, floral patterns are a timeless and minimal way to add colour to a room. Whether this is through investing in a new bedding set or ditsy floral crockery for BBQ’s and dining outdoors, be sure to bring this simple yet effective summer vibe to the home and garden.

Simplify and declutter

A cluttered and messy space can be overwhelming and cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Take the time to refresh your home by decluttering and tidying the mess. Invest in wicker storage baskets for throws, books and toys and find a place for everything so that each room is clear and free of clutter.

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