Three Tips on Successfully Switching From Smoking to Vaping

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There’s no denying that quitting smoking can be difficult. Many smokers fail early into their attempt to quit and will fail several times before finally managing to completely kick the habit, so if you’ve tried to give up cigarettes a few times and somehow always managed to find yourself smoking again, don’t worry – you’re not on your own. Nicotine replacement products are an ideal option to help make quitting smoking easier and switching from smoking to vaping is an increasingly popular option. There’s growing evidence that vaping is successful in helping people ditch tobacco products. A survey conducted in 2019 found that smokers were more likely to quit with an e-cigarette compared with other nicotine products like gum. If you’re considering switching to vaping, keep these tips in mind.

Invest in a Decent Device:

There are many different e-cig types out there, which can make looking for the right starter kit tricky. Some stores offer starter e-cig kits, which are selected for being some of the best options for those getting started making the switch for the first time. Choose a piece of equipment that is ideal for newbies and isn’t too complicated to use, maintain or charge. It’s always worth investing a little more in a decent setup, as a cheap e-cig is unlikely to deliver the hit that you’ll need to be lured away from smoking.

Find E-Liquids That You Enjoy:

The good news is that there are hundreds of e-liquid options to help you quit smoking by switching to vaping. The trick is to find a flavour that you like and don’t mind vaping every day, or you can get an assortment and switch them up. Some people find that tobacco flavoured e-liquids are the best option for getting off the cigarettes, but bear in mind that these can be disappointing, as they don’t really taste like smoking. Menthol can be ideal if you prefer menthol cigarettes, or otherwise, opt for fruity or dessert flavours that you enjoy in real life. Start out with a high nicotine concentration like 20mg to keep cravings at bay and gradually work your way down if you want to. has a huge collection of e-liquids to choose from. They stock reputable brands like Dinner Lady and Mr Wicks and with free delivery when you spend over £30, you can order a wide selection of e-liquids in flavours that appeal to you.

Gradually Making the Switch:

Some people find that a clean switch over to vaping is the best way to ditch the cigarettes, while others prefer a more gradual approach. Cutting down on cigarettes and using your vape the rest of the time will help you get used to the new method. And, don’t worry too much about what your e-cig looks like. Some people feel that it will be easier using an e-cig that looks like a cigarette but the truth is that these smaller ones don’t provide a very good hit and you simply won’t be satisfied.

Switching from cigarettes to vaping can take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s one of the most effective ways to quit smoking available today.

Vaping is only recommended by doctors as a possible aid to quit smoking. His & Hers does not promote vaping for non-smokers.

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