Taking the stress out of being a learner driver

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If you’re planning on taking the plunge and learning to drive this year, there can be a lot to think about before you book your first driving lesson – from working out how much it’ll cost to get on the road to finding a reputable driving instructor and clearing some space in your diary for lessons. His & Hers takes a look at how to take the stress out of learning to drive…

Set a budget


When you first think about learning to drive, the cost of your driving lessons and your first car might be the only expenses that spring to mind. However, it’s worth thinking about additional costs like learner driver’s insurance and road tax. Once you have a quote for driving lessons and have worked out a budget for a car (if you’ll need to buy one), then give yourself a little extra time to get quotes for insurance, and perhaps even to ask friends with similar commutes how much they spend on petrol each week.

Prepare for your first lesson


When you first learn to drive, you can find yourself trying to concentrate on so many different things at once that it can feel a little overwhelming. You’ll find plenty of tips and guides online to help you to prepare for your first lesson. We know it doesn’t sound like the most exciting way to spend your time, but simply reading up on the Highway Code ahead of your first lesson could make you feel like you have a head start.

Be realistic about the timescale

By the time you’ve set your budget and booked your first lesson, you may already be daydreaming about passing your test and parking your new car outside your house. However, the process can take longer than expected, especially at times when there are delays to book driving and theory tests. Ask your driving instructor if they can give you a rough idea of how long it’s likely to take before you can take your test and try not to be too disappointed if it takes a little longer than you’d hoped.

Ask advice


Lots of people have stories about their driving tests – or about the mistakes they made as learner drivers. Ask friends and family if there’s anything they wish they’d known when they were first learning to drive, or if there’s anything they’d do differently. You may get some tips that’ll save you making any of the same mistakes that they did. Also, your driving instructor may be able to give you some general advice, based on years of experience.

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