Ten Streets Social Liverpool does hospitality in great style

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Ten Streets Social

His & Hers magazine has been here before. We enjoyed a great Sunday dinner with all the trimmings. We were delighted to be invited back to welcome in summer and its accompanying menu. Last time around we listened to a fabulous gospel group. This time it was a quieter affair. We arrived right on time for opening. The rush comes a little later.

Feature by Jean Hill

We arrived ahead of the crowd. Ten Streets is located on Regent Road, close to the ‘new Goodison’. It is a great space, full of possibilities; lots of room for celebrations, events and family happenings. The brick walls generate warmth. The bar stretches almost the length of the room. The staff seem very much involved in the enterprise. We were warmly welcomed

We had time and space as early birds to sit and shoot the breeze. Aimee looked after us beautifully. She was friendly, well organised and obviously loves her work. She was totally enthusiastic about the new menu, with good cause.

We started with pitta bread and houmous, with home-made dukkah (herbs, nuts and spices), roasted chickpeas and fried sage. Hugely enjoyable. Provided great taste with beautifully blended ingredients. It was such a treat to dip into different dishes, all with subtle, spicy flavour.

Our editor chose roast squash, beautifully presented with Greek yoghurt with pomegranate molasses. She declared it delicious. I opted for salmon valentine steak, double fillet with a soy and maple glaze, with burnt lime and mixed sesame. This is salmon with great attitude. The burnt lime and the maple glaze makes for a smoky, semi-sweet vibe. Works for me. We had side orders: great hand cut fries and flavourful sweet potato mash. Both chicken and sirloin steak are on the mains menu.

The food is impressively fresh and packed full of healthy ingredients. Some loving care goes into the preparation. What is not to love!

We shared a dessert. This turned out to be delicious cheese-cake with strawberries and possibly chocolate in the mix. Whatever, it was smooth and delectable. Equal shares became debatable!


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