The benefits of buying a house in Liverpool

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If you’re currently saving for a deposit, or are planning to move, you may be in the process of drawing up a wish list of potential places to live. Here are a few reasons why Liverpool (where His & Hers is based) is worth considering…

It’s consistently named as one of the best places to live


This week, The Sunday Times has chosen Liverpool as one of the best places to live in 2021, saying that its “boho ’burbs and bike lanes are giving this historic city a welcome new burst of energy.” They’re not alone in highlighting Liverpool as a desirable location. The city is often named as one of the best places to live in the UK.

It’s surprisingly affordable

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According to the latest data from Zoopla (published in March 2021), the average property price in Liverpool is £182, 534, which is below the national average. As well as being more affordable than most cities when it comes to house prices, Liverpool also boasts a relatively low cost of living, meaning that your overall budget is likely to go further. If you’ve already benefited from the city’s lower than average house prices and have built up equity in your home, rather than renting, even if you’re not planning on selling any time soon, owning most, or all, of your home, still puts you in a stronger financial position. And if you want to take out a loan to take care of an unexpected cost, equity release could alleviate some financial burdens. Owning your own home is also an advantage when it comes to retirement planning, as those who are still renting when they reach retirement age will need a substantially bigger retirement pot.

It’s a popular location for buy-to-let investors

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If you’re considering investing in a buy-to-let, rather than a home for yourself, Liverpool is also a popular option. Property specialists RW Invest say: “If you’re looking for a buy to let property with an impressive rental yield, Liverpool is a great choice. Liverpool property investment boasts the highest rental yields in the country, with six Liverpool postcodes making the Totally Money list of the top 25 buy to let postcodes in the UK.”

It’s a pedestrian friendly city

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Over the past year, many of us have become less reliant on our cars, as commuting to the office is not currently a necessity for many. If you’re likely to spend at least some of the time working from home in the future and would like to spend more time walking or cycling and less in the car, then Liverpool could be the city for you, with museums, galleries, shops, theatres and much more all within easy walking distance.

It’s diverse

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Whether you’re seeking the convenience and fun of city centre living, a quieter pace of life in a leafy suburb or stunning beach views, Liverpool offers a host of different neighbourhoods. Also, with Chester, Manchester and Wirral just a short drive or train journey away, there are plenty of options for day trips.   

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