The Best Outdoor Challenges in the UK

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Ben Nevis

A lot of people have felt inspired to get into the great outdoors recently. Not being able to travel abroad or even do much close to home has caused people to seek some fun things to do out in the open. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you’re someone exploring outdoor activities for the first time, there are so many things that you can do. On top of all of the everyday activities, there are also some big challenges that you can take on if you’re looking for a real adventure. They can be the perfect way to do something different while social distancing, and you could even raise money for charity with some of these outdoor challenges in the UK.

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From North to South – Walking or Cycling

People who enjoy distance walking can find amazing opportunities all over the world, from the Camino de Santiago to the Appalachian Trail. But if you want to stay in the UK and take on a long-distance walk, there’s one that rules them all. Walking from the northernmost point of Scotland to the southernmost point of England is a great way to take on a challenge and have an amazing experience. The Lands End to John O Groats distance is 603 miles as the crow flies. But if you’re thinking about walking or perhaps cycling it, you’ll be going a lot further. The shortest cycling route is 874 miles long, while walking could take you twice that distance.

Hiking the National Three Peaks

The National Three Peaks challenge is one of the most popular in the UK, and many people choose to do it to raise money for charity. Not to be confused with the Yorkshire three peaks, the challenge involves hiking to the top of the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales – that’s Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis, and Snowden. Many people choose to do this within 24 hours, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to take on one at a time.

Three Peaks

Cycling Coast to Coast

There are a great many cycling challenges in the UK, and a lot of cycling enthusiasts. One of the most popular things to do is to cycle coast to coast, and there are a few ways to do it. Cycling from the Irish Sea to the North Sea is one option – in fact, it’s a very popular distance cycling challenge. It covers a distance of 140 miles, starting just outside the Lake District in Whitehaven, Cumbria and ending in Sunderland in Tyne and Wear.

Canoe Across Scotland

If you’d prefer something other than walking or cycling, how about a paddling challenge? The Great Glen Canoe Trail is the first to allow you to get from coast to coast in Scotland. It’s a 60-mile route that takes you through canals and across lochs. You can do the challenge in a few days, taking your time to stop at lots of pretty places along the way, or you could do it faster if you’re more experienced.

If you’re looking for an outdoor challenge, try taking on one of these exciting adventures and see what the UK has to offer.

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