The Best Skincare Routine for Men

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There are many recommended routes to enjoying your best-ever complexion. Some will say that sleep is the key, whereas others claim that it’s nutrition or reducing stress. There are also passionate advocates for sunscreens, and ambassadors for regular facials. 

And of course, there are always those who swear that the latest ingredient or miracle treatment is the answer to all skincare prayers. 

While many of these can undoubtedly play a key role in keeping your skin looking its best, there’s a simple, reliable, doable, and affordable route to your best complexion that has been consistently recommended by experts for decades. 

What is this tried-&-tested strategy for great skin? 

The right skincare routine – i.e. a simple skincare regime that suits both your skin type and your lifestyle. 

So, before you explore the latest crazes and gadgets, it may pay to go back to basics with your skincare regime as a route to effective improvements and inspiring results. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for the best mens skincare routine, it may be that keeping it simple is the ultimate foundational strategy. 

To help you check in with how your skincare basics are serving you, here’s a short guide to establishing the best (and easiest to stick to) regime for you. 

A Proven Skincare Routine For Men


The classic skincare routine that has been proven as the optimum protocol is made up of three simple steps. 

Cleanse: Starting fresh

Cleaning and cleansing your skin is one of the most important things you can do if you’re keen to enjoy your best possible complexion. 

Using a cleanser, either daily or twice daily (morning and evening) is a vital part of all the best skincare routines. 

Cleansing the skin is so important because it helps the skin to do what it is designed to do, i.e. replace old dead skin cells with fresh new ones. 

The new skin cells naturally look brighter and more vibrant, which is why helping the skin to shed the surface dead cells can make such a visible difference to your complexion. 

A good cleansing regime will also help to remove the inevitable pollutants, dirt, grime, and toxins that make their way to the skin’s surface from the world around us. 

Tone: Clear & Prepare

The second step in the classic 3-step basic skincare routine is to tone the skin. 

Toners are sometimes called clarifying lotions, and the clue is in the name – they help to clear the skin. Toners can help to get rid of any residue from the cleanser that has not been washed off or removed. 

As the name also suggests, toners can also help to smooth and tone the skin, often providing vital nutrients that can support this skin’s structure and elasticity. 

Taking the time to include this step in your skincare routine can deliver additional support to your skin’s natural processes, as well as providing a clear foundation for the next step in the basic routine. 

Moisturise: Protect & Nourish

A good basic moisturiser can be the real hero of your skincare routine because it delivers a range of effective benefits. 

As you’d expect, moisturisers can add extra moisture to the skin, which can be a soothing balm if you suffer from dry skin. 

They also work to protect the skin from whatever life throws at you. Dust, smoke, pollution, dirt, toxins etc. can be prevented from contaminating or affecting your skin by a moisturising cream or lotion that forms a protective barrier. 

Another benefit of using a moisturiser in your skincare routine is that it also helps to seal in the moisture that your skin naturally creates, which can lead to a more plump and smooth complexion. 

Additions to the Basic Men’s Skincare Routine 

Unlike many skin products and treatments, the three basic steps of the classic skincare routine are universal. 

Whether you have dry, oily, combination, problem skin, or are seeking anti-ageing results, the basic cleanse-tone-moisturise regime is a foundational process that can benefit all skin types. 

Beyond the basics, though, there are ways to adopt this simple 3-step routine so that it delivers the best results for you and your particular skin concerns. 

For example, if you’re looking for anti-aging results, it may help to include a serum within your skincare routine. There are many great serums designed to support the healthy rejuvenation of your skin and they can make a great addition to your basic regime. 

Or you may like to include additional weekly treatments that address a specific skin concern, such as hydration or exfoliation. 

As long as you have the classic 3-step skincare routine established, any additional steps or processes will likely enhance the process. With the core foundation of the basics in place, you’ll soon discover the best skincare routine for your unique needs.  

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