The countdown is on for Wellness In The City

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Wellness In The City

Liverpool Wellness In The City will take place on Friday (27th January) at The Spine in Paddington Village. Its aim is to educate and raise awareness of all the options available in the Merseyside wellness arena.

Headlining the day is global wellness expert Cesar Gamio. Alongside Alison Lobb, managing partner at Morecrofts LLP and psychotherapist and acclaimed wellbeing author Kim Rutherford, they will feature in a lunchtime panel event on wellness at work. This will be chaired by acclaimed business journalist Tony McDonough.

Wellness In The City founder Clare Ellis said: “We’ve had some great support for our inaugural event especially from BIPC Liverpool who are sponsoring the full day of activities.  (This) includes something for business, community organisations, charities and the general public.

“In addition to the calibre speakers on our panel, we have teamed up with The Good Small Business Awards and Dallas Consulting as collaborative partners… Plus we are working with some household-name wellness providers and practitioners across the industry, who’ll be educating, inspiring and raising awareness.

“We hope the event can be a catalyst for more businesses, organisations and the general public (to be) more mindful of self-care… the knowledge of where to look to enhance their well-being and be more forward-thinking in that process.”

Clare’s partners in Wellness In The City include Margaret Bell, an experienced, innovative functional medicine practitioner focused on gut health. And Claire Morton, who is a well-known multidisciplinary wellbeing specialist in the region for more than two decades.

Ticket information

The full itinerary for 27th January is as follows:

9.15/9.30 Wellness In The City begins

9.30 – Speaker Kath Wynne Jones on Finding Joy

9.30 – Julie White – Releasing Trauma workshop

10.10 – Speaker Alison Blackler on A Path Travelled

10.10 – Joel Jelen – Coping Strategies for Wellbeing at Work workshop

10.50 – Speakers Claire Morton & Jules Kelly on Space and Freedom

10.50 – Karen Font – EFT workshop

11.30 – Speaker Margaret Bell on Gut Health ‘Go With Your Gut’

11.30 – Gemma Longworth – Art To Restore The Mind workshop

12noon – 2pm

Wellness In The City Networking Panel event

Introduced by Garth Dallas of Dallas Consulting and The Good Small Business Awards

Topic: Wellbeing at Work featuring:

Cesar Gamio headline speaker

Kim Rutherford of 8Wise

Alison Lobb of Morecrofts LLP

Tony McDonough Liverpool Business News

2pm – Speaker Lianne Terry on In Pursuit of Happiness

2.40 – Speaker John Bullock on Finding Flow in Business & Life         

2.40 – Tom Phillips – Hypnotherapy workshop

3.20 – Speaker Cesar Gamio on Wellbeing in the Workplace

3.20 – Grace McLoughlin of Alta Sound – Sound Bath workshop

4pm – Dave Verburg – Workplace Leadership

4.30 – Close

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