The Green Fork in leafy Mossley Hill, Liverpool

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The ‘Road Not Taken’ is a wonderful poem by Robert Frost. ‘Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could.’ Sometimes reviewing restaurants feels very much like just such a dilemma. People will stand in astonishment and say: ‘but surely you must have eaten there’.

WORDS: Jean Hill

I am really delighted that I made it to Rose Lane, to enjoy the food at Green Fork. Sean Paul Redding, was a chef to the stars and a prominent chef at several establishments, before he set up his own restaurant in Liverpool. He has a natural charm, and he has had a love affair with food, most of his life. He travelled extensively with his celebrity clients, and it is something to celebrate that he chose to settle in Liverpool.

I had been to an Open Day at the Mansion House in Calderstones Park, home to The Reader, that promotes shared reading groups across the country. It was a great event, in beautiful surroundings: and I wandered through the Japanese garden as I was leaving. I was heading back to the railway station, when I remembered that Green Fork was on my route. Sean Paul Redding and Green Fork are in residence from Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings to Sunday. From the moment I stepped through the door, I felt at home. The staff are relaxed, friendly and really welcoming. I witnessed the meaning of truly being family friendly. The parents of a child were trying to persuade him to try something on the menu, and he was asking for chips. It turned out that Sean Paul Redding was totally happy to provide a bowl of chips, if the child was willing to try some other dishes first. That was all settled, and happily everyone began to enjoy themselves. There was a birthday party celebration happening at the back of the restaurant, and smiling people kept arriving.

Green Fork 1

There are specials and dishes, all priced around the £6 mark. I opted for Tex Mex – mac and cheese and a Caesar salad. The salad had the most delicious dressing and the lettuce leaves were beautifully crisp with great crunch. The mac and cheese was a new experience: with its burnished, deep down satisfying yet light consistency. It provided a multi layered, spicy hit, with a rich gently flowing sauce, and sharp tomato flavour, blending it all together.

Green Fork 2

Reasons to return. The desserts look wonderful: cheesecake, rosewater meringue and chocolate brownies. The fare is vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options. So blaze a trail to Green Fork. It is a leafy, tranquil oasis of fine food. Oh, and the warm olives were wonderful.

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