The His & Hers first timer’s guide to visiting London

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London Eye

Most of us will be holidaying fairly close to home this year, potentially booking a mix of city breaks and weekends in the countryside. Of course, London remains one of the most popular UK holiday destinations, but with so much to see in the capital, it’s well worth preparing for your visit to make the most of your mini-break. Here are His & Hers’ tips for first timers planning a visit to London…

Book tickets in advance


Let’s face it, nobody enjoys spending a chunk of their holiday queuing, especially in the summer heat. Also, if you know where you want to travel to, or which attractions you plan to visit, booking in advance can save you money as well as time as you’ll have the opportunity to check whether discounts are available. You could start planning by drawing up your London wish-list, working out where you’d like to visit in advance. Have you always wanted to take a photo with a wax model in Madame Tussauds or take a spin on the London Eye? Looking for London Eye Discounts in advance will enable you to save, leaving you with more money to spend on holiday souvenirs. Another bonus of booking tickets in advance is that it’ll help you to prioritise the attractions you’d most like to visit, meaning that you’re much less likely to leave London feeling like you haven’t seen everything you wanted to.

Personalise your trip


When you tell friends that you’re visiting London, they’re likely to start telling you about all the attractions and restaurants you must visit during your stay. Of course, it can be great to get a bit of travel advice. However, since your time in the capital will be limited, don’t feel pressured into going on someone else’s dream trip! For example, if you’re a foodie and have a list of eateries you want to visit, don’t feel guilty about making this the focus of your visit. You don’t need to see every ‘must visit’ attraction to have a great time in London, and sometimes it can be more fun giving yourself time to savour individual experiences, rather than dashing around.

Seek out inspiration


If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by choice, spend some time reading London guides featuring a small number of recommendations. This will help you to draw up a shortlist of the places you’d most like to visit. Also, looking at some of the city’s top rated attractions will help to get you in the mood for your holiday, and will create a sense of anticipation in the run-up to your London city break. The His & Hers team loves having holiday plans to look forward to!

Pack some city break must-haves


We won’t win any prizes for originality for mentioning this, but as you’re likely to do a lot of walking during your time in London, packing some comfortable shoes or trainers to wear during the daytime could help to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Also, if time allows, writing a list of everything you think you’ll need to pack can help to keep you organised.

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