The Olive Tree thrives in vibrant Victoria Road, New Brighton

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Olive Tree

At His & Hers, we love Sunday roast at the Olive Tree. We can wander down Victoria Road and admire all the colourful, imaginatively inspired murals: seemingly more appear overnight in mysterious fashion and we love the Bohemian vibe. It is a time to relax with family, and enjoy a roast with all the trimmings. The portions are generous (seems like half a chicken), or lamb shoulder or beef. The meat is surrounded by golden, crisp ‘roasties’, fluffy Yorkshire puddings, that have risen to impressive heights, healthy, fresh vegetables and gorgeous, rich, gloopy (technical term) gravy.

WORDS: Jean Hill

The Olive Tree is closed on a Monday and Tuesday. They are self-funding an offer for customers of 10% off the entire food and drinks bill (including alcoholic drinks). This applies only to all day on Wednesdays in August 2020. This is a lovely gesture to give something back to their customers, and just celebrate being back. The owners can count the exact number of days they had to stay closed. That is some indicator of how happy they are to be greeting, meeting and serving food and drink again.

The Breakfast/Brunch menu includes avocado crush: with toast, avocado, feta cheese, chillies and poached eggs. That would be my perfect breakfast choice. Or you could opt for Greek salad: feta cheese, leaf, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, pepper, cucumber, herbs and olive oil. Such a lovely combination of salad ingredients.

We switched days and tried Saturday lunch-time. We opted for fish and chips, with mushy peas. The chips are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with great taste. The fish is super fresh, flaky and succulent and coated in light, crispy batter with a lemon wedge to add to the mix. This is comfort food at its best.

There is capacity for indoor eating, and outdoor tables are available and this is a beautiful venue, with fairy lights in the evening. Book first if you can. We sat outdoors and enjoyed the sunshine, and views of surrounding greenery. This is a ritual that we are so happy to be able to indulge in once more.

Tel: 0151 6381810

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