The team at aircraft company, Aerodyne, is flying high as they exhibit at The Paris Air Show ahead of a big UK recruitment drive

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Avectra Commercial

Aerodyne specialises in producing high-quality, affordable flying vehicles, with the aim of giving more people the experience of flying safely and efficiently.

Over the past 15 years, Aerodyne has sold more than 1,300 aircraft into 22 countries, throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This summer, they’re preparing to unveil two new aircraft at the Paris Air Show (from 19th-25th June). They also have a major recruitment drive planned, during which they’ll be creating 80 new jobs in Wales.

Rangaraja Lyengar, the company’s Operations Director, said they were pleased to be appearing at The Paris Air Show as they’ll be: “showing the world that flying isn’t (just) a millionaire’s prerogative.”

Aerodyne is launching two new aircraft at the show: the Air Ambulance, which will be a model and show launch, plus the Avectra Lux which is their personal use aircraft – with three, four or five seats, which is unheard of in this marketplace.

Visitors to the Paris Air Show will have the opportunity to place an order (with a deposit) for the Avectra Lux, which is due to be produced from the company’s Welsh site early next year.

Rangaraja added: “Aerodyne, with its innovative use of technologies, will completely disrupt the marketplace for small aircraft, reducing the costs of ownership, operations and management whilst improving safety and security.”

He said that the inspiration for the business was: “Getting more people into flying, so long distances (such as London to Paris or London to Edinburgh, etc) can be covered quickly and easily for the cost of a budget airline ticket, without any of the hassles and 5am start times.”

Aerodyne currently employs 25 staff in Poland, and they’ll be creating 80 new jobs at their factory in Wales. The company’s Air Ambulance is one of their key products, and it was created to take the cost of medical evacuation from expensive to more mainstream. Rangaraja said that during covid, a donor’s organs that could have been harvested, potentially saving six people’s lives, went to waste in Kerala, because the local government didn’t want to pay for air ambulance services. He added: “We wanted to change that, and make transporting patients or organs, quicker, safer and cheaper for all. 

“One of our proudest moments was creating a safe, viable and cost-effective product to ensure everyone can benefit. Seeing the first flights of the air ambulance was one of the great achievements, especially since we have bootstrapped from the beginning.”

Over the next six months, the company’s directors plan to launch the air ambulance and send first deliveries to Ukraine and new buyers. They are also seeking to get the relevant approvals for the larger Avectra Lux, which can carry passengers more cheaply than anything on the market today.

In addition, they are considering launching ‘Around the World in an Avectra’ – a new Red Bull Air Races style event featuring gyroplanes rather than aeroplanes.


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