The Watering Can submits planning application for extension

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The Watering Can

One of Liverpool’s well loved café bistros, The Watering Can, situated on the outskirts of Greenbank Park, has submitted a planning application to extend their site within the boundary of the land that they lease by approximately 70 sq. metres (roughly a quarter of the size of a tennis court) over three distinct areas.

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The plans have been sensitively designed to minimise intrusion, disruption and maintain the aesthetics of the current building and requirements of the conservation area. The extension would allow the venue to make the following improvements:

• The kitchen, refuse and store area (c.33.2sq mtrs / c.47% of the new footprint) –  to provide more space to ensure a safer and more pleasant working environment for their team, to help limit the spread of Covid or any future variants, minimise the risk of service interruption, allow an increase in the food offering at the café and provide a staff room/wellness space for the team, to enable the business to enhance their green policy and assist them in the management of waste and recycling more effectively.

 The walled garden seating area (c.31.5sq mtrs / c.43% of new footprint) – this will allow better observation of social distancing, create a more welcoming space for guests and provide the same number of covers in an environment people will feel comfortable in following post covid-restrictions being lifted.  It will allow more flexibility to accommodate wheelchairs and prams.

• The kiosk (7.5 sq mtrs / c.10 % of new footprint) – to provide an enhanced all-year round offering for park visitors who do not wish to dine indoors.

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The Watering Can submitted the original application in February 2021, which was put live a few weeks prior to the local council elections and was withdrawn when it was targeted by political parties as part of their election campaigns. The owners said that there was a lot of misinformation circulated creating unrest amongst the local community and those who objected to the original lease being granted. They have used the time since the withdrawal to ensure that they are able to provide the answers to any questions or any concerns local residents and businesses may have. Full plans, planning statements, tree and planting plans, artists impressions, and a helpful video can be found at
Owner, Keith Perryman said: “We understand that people are protective of their environment which is why the plans are sensitive to its surroundings. However, we also need to respond to and mitigate business challenges. We have taken time to make a really clear planning application, which has resulted in strong support so far. I just want to assure people, that as part of the application, we are not seeking additional seating and we want to make sure the changes in the planting of the borders in the walled garden are in keeping with native species. If you would like to support our application all of the details can be found on our website”
Business partner, Phil Starling, said: “We hope that with the considerable amount of support we have received with this latest application, we will be able to negotiate… the proposed extensions, and to seek approval from our landlord (Liverpool City Council) to move forward. We want to continue to operate a business in the area and this request improves our future robustness and viability.”
The Watering Can currently employs 43 local people on a mixture of permanent and temporary contracts and the team are passionate about the park and the surroundings it lies within. As well as working with local community groups, businesses and suppliers, The Watering Can are frequent charity supporters and sponsors. The Watering Can is an LGBTQ+ safe space.

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