Tips for Being the Best Mother of the Bride

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Did you know that a wedding is also important to the mother of the bride? A lot of people assume that a wedding is only important to the bride and their future husband but it is not. All of her family members and friends will also be attending the wedding since it is a huge event to her. Most of the photos that are taken with her and the daughter will hold a lot of memories that will be cherished forever.

This is one of the main reasons why it is so essential for the mother of the bride to think of her preparations for her daughter’s wedding. The bride’s mum should ensure that they prepare in advance for the big day. Some people always wonder what are the duties of the mother of the bride? Here are some tips that show their duties and responsibilities and the do’s and don’ts.

  1. Remember your role
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You may have access to a good makeup artist or the best photographer, but always keep in mind that the event belongs to the groom and the bride and not you. The couple has the right to choose who they want as their makeup artist or photographer regardless of you having any contacts. Avoid ruining and controlling their wedding plans.

However, ensure you are there for your daughter in case she needs some advice or support. This greatly helps in reducing the stress and tension.

  1. Pick your dress wisely

A wedding comes with rules which must be followed. The rules include what should be worn and what should not. To begin, ensure you follow the style of that wedding. Avoid being more stylish and fancy than the bride and also never wear anything that outshines the bride. Some brides might not care if the mother wears white but as a mother, avoid purchasing a white dress. Also avoid buying a dress that is close to the shade of the bride’s.

  1. Meet the other parents
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If you haven’t met the other parents, it is high time you do so. Once you meet them, ensure you make them feel welcomed and at home. Also make sure you get along with them since there is nothing more stressful and awkward as parents who do not get along with each other. As the best mother of the bride, ensure you accommodate them and always be kind.

  1. Talk about money first
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Once the excitement of the engagement party is over, ensure you talk about money first. It is very essential to talk about money before starting any official plans. Some couples might decide to put no limit on their budget during their wedding that is why it is essential to look at what they can afford first.

As a mother, ensure you mention what you can contribute and what you are willing to contribute towards. A budget helps in reducing a lot of troubles over money once the wedding and planning starts.

  1. Do your research online
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Doing your research online is crucial since it helps you to be aware of what some major stores are offering. Such retail stores have a variety of sizes from petite to a plus size which is hard to get in a small bridal speciality store. You also get a variety of stores where you can evaluate different looks. Trying and returning the dresses at home is a very easy and fast task but you do not need an actual shop to get a good dress.

Dresses that are displayed online are also a great option for wedding guests.

  1. Let the bride be the guide
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Stop being a controlling or an over controlling mother and share your preferences and ideas with your daughter who is the bride. The only thing you can do is to compromise and agree with what she wants. If she wants you to wear a short dress, just agree since it is her say and a big event to her. 

  1. Stick to the colour plan

Sticking to the colour plan usually means complementing the bridesmaids’ dresses. However, you do not have to match with the bride’s dress to stick to the colour plan. There are two ways to stick to the colour scheme: by going lighter or darker and by choosing a shimmery neutral like champagne which will always blend with the colour scheme of the wedding.


It is evident that the wedding plan is not only for couples but for parents too. The best mother of the bride has a lot of responsibilities that the daughter might not even notice. Even if it is not your special day, it is vital to know what to do to make it a day your daughter can enjoy and remember.

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