Tips on How to Become More Energy Efficient

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Currently, we are all going through a challenging time when it comes to energy, both with the cost of using it, but also how we are using it. With bills looking to increase for everyone, thanks to the recent 54% rise in the price cap and a more eco-conscious mindset being adopted, now its more important than ever to look at how you can become more energy efficient.

Read on for helpful tips on how you can reduce your energy and make it more effective for you:

Look at Your Home


Most of us move into our homes and pay little regard to energy saving ad-ons that we could include to make it a lot friendlier, both to the environment and our bills. Older houses do not have great energy efficiency, due to when they were built, as this wasn’t on the agenda in the same way it is now. However, this does not mean you need to up sticks and buy somewhere newer. Looking at some changes you could implement, such as air source heat pumps or underfloor heating solutions, could help make your home more energy efficient and reduce your bills, too!

Using Appliances Wisely


We’re all guilty of leaving the TV on standby or over-filling the kettle when we boil it. Surprisingly, even when appliances are technically not in use but plugged in and switched on at the wall, they are still using energy. Where possible, make sure you switch off and take plugs out for items you don’t constantly use, such as the toaster or hairdryer. Again, making this an everyday habit can massively impact your energy usage and help you become more eco-friendly, whilst also reducing your outgoings.

Lower the Temperature


Most of us are guilty of putting the heating up to full blast on a cold night or washing our clothes at a higher temperature than is needed. However, doing this further puts a strain on our pockets and our energy output. Putting your clothes on a 30 degree wash for example, helps save as much as 40% energy, which over the space of a year could help you to save £50. As mentioned, turning down the heating in your home is also a huge money saver. If you are struggling to control your heating and only using what you need as necessary, then try installing a smart meter to help you become more conscious of your use and help you to only use what you need around the home.

Following these tips will help you to make energy cost savings and help the energy you do use work better for you. When you start to make small changes, soon you’ll see big overall improvements.

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