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budget for your wedding


Once the big day arrives it’s all glamour-a-go-go, but this is just the culmination of a lot of planning, stress and sums! If your wedding is 12 to 18 months away, you’ll be in the phase of sorting out how much you can spend and how to get what you want within your limit. It’s tough, but a visit to Creditfix for their budget calculator will help you.

Once you’ve sorted out all your sums, it’s time to plan smart!

budget for your wedding 1

Prioritise your focus

What are you and your intended about? Music? Food? Art? Kids? Whatever your main “thing” is, make it the big focus, rather than ploughing lots of money into two or three themes or activities.

Choose your timings wisely

You might find that if you book your wedding for the midweek, or in January or February, that the savings you make by going off-peak are enough to let you relax. Don’t even think about Christmas time, though!

Choose a venue that already has your style

If you don’t have to do much decorating then you’ll save a packet! Restaurants, botanical gardens or even museums are great for this sort of event.

Trim the guest list

This is one of the more awkward ways to save, but it’s also the most effective! Your catering is around 50% of your budget so it’s the place where you can make your biggest savings.

Make your own invitations

There are lots of websites and apps which let you design your own invitations, labels, table planners and so on and by using your own creativity you could save a couple of hundred pounds. You could even email invitations to younger guests (maybe not the older set, though…).

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Don’t try too much DIY

Unless you really are a crafts whizz, don’t take on projects that you don’t have the skills, time or creativity for. If you can just about wrap up a few sugared almonds in tulle, stick to that rather spending hours on your own bunting.

Make your wedding décor multi task

If you’re buying particular items for your wedding, such as vases, a special table and chairs for you or some fabrics, then see if you can use them in your home afterwards. If you can’t, then think twice about them.

Use in-season flowers

Each type of flower has its own season and so you should aim to use the blooms that are out during your wedding month. Otherwise, you’re paying for flowers to be shipped in from overseas, which racks up the cost no end.

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Your food should also be seasonal

It’s the same principle as with the flowers. It also helps to establish a theme – berries in the summer, a root vegetable and beef stew with hot chocolate in the winter. Sourcing berries in December is possible, but it’ll cost you.

Try a sample sale

Look out for these sales because you can pick up dresses and gowns with discounts of up to 70%! Start following designers and wedding fairs on social media, as well as signing up for email alerts and be prepared to travel if necessary.

Get your shoes from the high street

If you’re wearing a long gown then no-one’s really going to be looking at your shoes! Just make sure they’re comfortable and in keeping with your palette and style – you don’t need to spend a fortune.

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Kitting out your bridesmaids

Another major expense is your bridesmaids, as well as your flower-girls, so limit their numbers and head to fashion outlets and sample sales again.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with Creditfix. You may also enjoy: How wedding trends have changed in recent years.

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