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We all know how much of a bad reputation golf has when it comes to the somewhat dubious fashion choices of the sport’s many amateur players. You may notice that the professional golfers, however, are always looking their best. Could this be that they’re all experts when it comes to what’s ‘in’ when it comes to fashion right now? Possibly – but the far more likely explanation is that they’re advised by a team on what to wear.

While you may not have a team at your disposal, you can certainly still seek advice on what to wear when hitting the green! Thankfully, we’ve done your research for you and have collected a list of some helpful tips when it comes to dressing for the golf course.

It’s Fine to be Bold – But be Smart About It
If you want to wear something that makes a statement – like a polo shirt featuring a jazzy pattern or that pair of wine coloured pants that literally wouldn’t be appropriate anywhere else – then go for it.

The issue with this is that some people don’t know when to quit. If you top/bottom half is loud, then make sure the other half is dressed in something a bit simpler and therefore quieter. If you think the combination looks a bit too busy, there’s a good chance that it probably is.

Clean Cut is Key
Untucked shirts and baggy pants are definitely not the look you want to be sporting on the course. Golfing fashion is synonymous with a clean-cut, streamlined style of dress. Well-fitting clothes are a must – after all, you don’t want the shirt you’re wearing impeding on your swing now do you?

Unfortunately, British weather often impedes us from wearing streamlined clothing when it gets cold. However, there is a solution to this: we recommend sporting a jumper rather than a jacket – a Callaway sweater made from 100% Merino Wool is the perfect addition to any golfer’s wardrobe.

The Great Belt Debate – Yay or Nay?
The Golf world seem to be obsessed with belts and when done right they can look great – but there’s a science to it. A brightly coloured belt can really help make a simple outfit of subtle hues stand out, but be sure to use your best judgment here and colour coordinate.

If your waistline is above the 36” mark, then a contrast belt is probably not for you because all it will do is draw attention to your midriff. Instead, matching the colour of your belt to your shirt or trousers will alleviate this problem.

Keep Up with Club Rules
Private Golf clubs are notorious for having strict dress codes for their members to obey and it’s often the case that inattentive golfers are told they can’t golf in their chosen outfit if they’re not kitted out properly.

Cargo shorts and flip flops are some common fashion faux pas that new golfers make – but t-shirts are the biggest culprit. Some Golf clubs require their golfers to wear shirts with collars, don’t bother taking the risk and getting caught out when you turn up to the green.

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