3 Projects To Transform Your Home

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We spend so much time in our homes, it can be easy to fall out of love with them. You can get tired of seeing the same old rooms with the same look. Which is why a home interiors project can make such an impact, on both our home and our mood. They can be fun to plan and they can give your house a fresh new feel helping you to enjoy it once more. The difficulty is in knowing just where to start, which is where we come in today as we share with you 3 projects for your home. 

A new kitchen

Now you can go as big or as small as you want to with this one, but there is no doubt that a new kitchen will give your home a boost. 

We spend so much time in our kitchens that they can be worth the time, money and effort in updating them. 

You might feel that it is time to rip out your old kitchen and go for a completely new installation. This could include everything from the units to the walls to the flooring and do not neglect the lighting as it can really set off the finished room. 

But you need not go to all of this expense to give your kitchen a makeover. You could look into getting replacement kitchen doors or new flooring laid. Repainting or retiling can also change the look of the room instantly. All of these options will give you the feel of a new kitchen without needing to refit the room. 

Pay attention to the doors and windows

The frontage of your home can get a brand new look if you choose to get a new front door. There are so many different designs and colours on the market now that just switching your door could have a huge impact.

You might also want to opt to have your windows replaced. As well as giving your room a new look, this can also make your home more secure, soundproof and energy efficient, so there are plenty of reasons to go down this route. 

Styling your doors and windows differently can also make a difference. Hanging new interior doors can create a fresh feel to your rooms, or adding blinds or shutters to windows can set them off and alter how the light hits your room. 

Make it colourful

This is probably the easiest transformation to undertake and it is often inexpensive. 

If you have a fairly neutral room, try adding in a feature wall with a bold colour, or go for it and paint the entire room. If you are already enjoying a colourful home, then change those colours for a revitalized room.

Painting walls is usually the easiest method, but you can choose wallpaper for more intricate designs, or add a mural. 

If you would rather keep the neutral palette, add colour through furniture and accessories. Your grey room could become a pink room with some well placed throws, curtains, cushions, pictures and ornaments. 

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