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The origin of Bingo dates all the way back to Italy in the 1530s, coming from a Lottery game called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. By the time the game reached North America, it had seen many name changes and rule adaptations, and was now known as “Beano”. By 1930, the name ‘Bingo’ had been coined, and began to be played the way that we know it today.

Like most things, Bingo found its way online and suddenly you could play the game in the comfort of your own home. Sound like something you might enjoy? Read on to find out more about our top recommendations for online Bingo rooms, before placing your clicks here to play!


Green Room

This game is a 75-ball affair, with each ticket made up of an individual grid of 25 squares, with five rows and five columns in total. Each of these squares will then contain a number, from one to 25, appearing across every ticket. The centre square remains empty, with a star icon stamped on it.

The prizes that are offered in each game have a guaranteed minimum prize sum, although the actual prize will be determined by the number of players and tickets purchased per game session. So, the more tickets that are bought, the bigger the final prize pot will be!

There are several ways to bag a win in this game, including:

  • One line – the player who is first to have all the numbers called and marked off that are displayed in a horizonal, vertical or diagonal line on their ticket.
  • Two lines – the player must have all numbers on two lines crossed off from the same ticket.
  • Three lines & four lines – same as above, the player must get all numbers in three or four lines across the same ticket.
  • Five lines or House/Bingo – this involves crossing off all numbers on your ticket, once they’ve been called out.

Two or more players can win/share any of the prizes in this game, if their tickets reach the criteria. Each singular player can win more than one prize as well, if they have purchased tickets from other strips within the game. It’s also worth noting that the diagonal and vertical line rules only apply to the one line prize.

Diamond Room

Prefer a bit more glitz and glamour when it comes to playing Bingo? Well this might just be the perfect game for you! Another 75-ball game, each ticket contains an individual grid which is made up of 25 squares, with five rows and five columns. Each of these squares contains a number, meaning that there are 25 numbers appearing on each ticket. The centre square is left empty, apart from a star icon placed inside of it.

Much like the Green Room, there are five different prizes to be won. To get the one line prize you must be first to cross off all the numbers that have been called in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line within one ticket. The two line, three line and four line prizes are all required to be vertical, whereas the Bingo/House prize can only be gained from getting all numbers on your ticket crossed off.

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