Nancy Buckland Kirk gets some expert advice on how to turbocharge your skincare routine for winter without causing sensitivity from Dr. Heather Muir

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Heather Muir

One of the best things about travelling around beauty land are some of the wonderful people you meet. I was introduced to Dr. Heather Muir via my lovely friend Victoria Halliday, a long-standing colleague of mine, who told me all about Heather’s credentials, and so of course I had to sit down with her in person to talk about all things skincare.

Heather has a serious CV. After earning a degree in Dentistry at the University of Glasgow, she then worked for 20 years in the NHS. A chance appointment accompanying her mum to have BOTOX® treatments two decades ago was a ‘lightbulb’ moment for Heather – as an experienced dentist she already had the medical skills that were in demand, which led her to further studies dedicated to her new chosen specialism. In 2010 Heather was awarded a Masters in Aesthetics from the University of Central Lancashire: a pioneering qualification in the field of aesthetics was now hers.

Heather then launched Your Face Aesthetics Medical Aesthetics Clinic in her beloved Uddingston in Lanarkshire. A state-of-the-art facility specialising in non-surgical aesthetic procedures, Heather heads up a team who deliver first-rate treatments carried out using all of the latest regulations and guidelines. The clinic boasts a wide range of treatments which deliver optimal results for the skin, face and body. Heather also now works as an aesthetics training professional, instructing other doctors, dentists and nurses – she is very keen that the debate over standards in the industry continues.

Heather’s love of all things skincare and beauty then led her to research, develop and launch her own dedicated skincare range: Skin Sculpt Skincare embodies all of the expertise she has built during her time in aesthetics, and her medical qualifications coupled with a spirit for both innovation and enterprise led her to her own skincare line. This medical skincare range is backed by scientific research and driven by results. Vegan and environmentally friendly, as well as being cruelty-free, Skin Sculpt has a core range of products clinically designed to treat all skincare types and concerns, using proven active ingredients. Easy-to-use, and targeted to specific skincare concerns, every skincare client can have their own curated skincare routine designed to deliver the brand’s premium goal: ultimate skin health.

I asked Heather some questions because as much as I love my skincare, and I like to stay well-informed, sometimes a real expert is needed. Enough said.

Heather, having checked out Skin Sculpt Skincare, I noticed that it has a core range, rather than pages and pages of products to choose from. How did you arrive at your choices?

“My skincare line, Skin Sculpt Skincare, felt like a natural extension for me. I wanted my clients to walk away from my clinic knowing they could help maintain their skin in-between treatments, and invest in its own long-term health and appearance. Skin tone and texture often show up as client concerns, and so I wanted to develop a core range that could help and alleviate these concerns. As the retail market is so extensive now, I often find clients show up for appointments having aggravated their skin using too many products, or ones not suited to their skin type.

Skin Sculpt enables each client to have a range which suits them exactly, and includes cleansers, exfoliators, hydrators, moisturisers, protectors, eye, lip and specialist treatments utilising active and proven ingredients, such as retinoids and hyaluronic acids, which have been formulated in conjunctions with a leading laboratory, to ensure that results are both driven and gentle. We have also added a dedicated range for men, and two self-tanning products: I have very pale skin, and I am also an SPF devotee, so these were developed for when I personally enjoy a little golden glow. I know it’s something my clients also appreciate. Our discovery box means you can try out smaller-sized products for size, and over time I will be adding to our product portfolio. Again, I will take a streamlined approach – I don’t want to over-complicate the process.”

Your fantastic clinic is based in Uddingston in Lanarkshire, but I am here in Liverpool. How can I choose what suits my skin best?

“I work from the basis that you start with the basics and proceed from there. Now that Skin Sculpt Skincare is available online, we also offer complimentary skincare analysis advice so that any new customer gets the same advice as our in-clinic clients. Aesthetic treatments are then there to enhance and maintain, if that is your personal choice. There is no point aiming for maximum results if you skimp on wellbeing: poor diet, lack of exercise, too much stress and not using proper sun protection will not help you in your quest for healthy skin!

It is really important to have a routine tailored to your skincare needs. If you buy lots of products, especially with active ingredients, and layer too many of them inappropriately, then you will not get the effective results that Skin Sculpt is there to achieve. So a consultation is as important to an online customer as it is to anyone I see in my clinic – I want to ensure that anyone who uses the products gets maximum benefits from them.”

You believe in a subtle approach when it comes to beauty and skincare. Tell me more…

“Having worked in the arena for two decades now, I have seen it change and grow. My original ethos was that I wanted my patients to look refreshed, rested, but still very much like themselves. Effective skincare, subtle tweakments and a healthy lifestyle can really offer someone a huge boost to their appearance and overall well being, and also the ability to look recognisable. Trying to alter your facial structure too much, especially in order to look like someone else, and not taking care of your health via too much sun exposure, for example, are the exact opposite of what my work is about.”

With all of that advice in mind, and a consultation I thoroughly enjoyed, these are the curated products Heather recommended for my skin.

Here goes…

Skin Sculpt Cleanse and Hydrate (£10 for 100ml )

Skin Sculpt Cleanse and Hydrate

I love this gentle lotion cleanser packed with ingredients which promote hydration. Antimicrobial properties are perfect for my skin as it’s sensitive and I also have rosacea. I apply it damp skin – and remove with my now beloved Skin Sculpt sponge.

Skin Sculpt Rehydrate and Restore (£52 for 50ml)

Skin Sculpt Rehydrate and Restore

This formula has a hyaluronic base with increases hydration by up to 130 percent, which is ideal for my often dehydrated skin. I use this morning and evening after cleansing.

Skin Sculpt Stimulate and Hydrate (£58 for 50ml)

Skin Sculpt Stimulate and Hydrate

This silky moisturiser dries to a slightly matte finish which is brilliant for me as I still have a slightly oily T-zone. Blended with peptides and Vitamin E, it helps maintain a healthy skin barrier and Flavonolignans help to stop the breakdown of collagen and elastin. 

Skin Sculpt Stimulate and Renew Retinol Night Cream (£26 for 30ml)

Skin Sculpt Stimulate and Renew Retinol Night Cream

This retinol-based treatment also contains peptides encapsulated to deliver the skin-renewing benefits of retinol while ceramide plumps the skin and keeps it healthy and hydrated. This targeted treatment is aimed at fine lines and wrinkles and I am starting off using it just twice a week as an introduction – and I make sure I use a broad spectrum SPF during the day.

To complete my routine I am also trying Skin Sculpt Firming Stem Cell Eye Gel (£48 for 15ml) which is a lightweight treatments to make skin around the eyes brighter, fresher and hydrated and Skin Sculpt Lip Volume Lip Enhancing Lip Plump (£16 for 3ml) which is packed full of peptides and a dedicated formula with stimulates blood flow to the lips, giving a plump pout.

I am just starting on my Skin Sculpt Skincare journey, and I can’t wait to see the results over time. I don’t do injectables these days, which is just a personal choice, but I know with so many face, body and skin treatments that are on the market, I know who I will speak to if I need an expert opinion.

And then I am thinking a trip to Lanarkshire is in order? I am looking forward to hearing:

‘Dr. Heather Muir BDS MSc will see you now!’

For details about Skin Sculpt Skincare – Medical Skincare Range:

Contact details for Your Face Aesthetics Medical Aesthetics Clinic:

2, Old Library, Old Glasgow Road, Uddingston, G71 7HF.

Nancy Buckland Kirk

About the author: Nancy Buckland Kirk is a writer with a keen interest in fashion and beauty and a career which has spanned modelling, teaching and spreading the word about leading beauty brands. You may also enjoy: As Fake Bake returns to the UK, Nancy Buckland Kirk shares her self-tan favourites to keep you glowing through autumn & Nancy Buckland Kirk’s Summer Essentials

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