Locally-based TV doctor Dr Arun Ghosh enjoys resident role in latest BBC series being aired this Spring

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Dr Arun Ghosh is no stranger to TV and the limelight. In spite of perhaps being best known for his role as resident doctor on the Jeremy Kyle show which he says he’s thoroughly enjoyed, he’s also been keen to be part of new shows that would help him in his day to day business, the Ghosh Medical Group.

He said: “I’ve been doing regular day time television for seven years now and I’ve long wished to be part of TV programmes that can also help me in my daily medical practice.”

And when the opportunity came up to appear in daily BBC episodes about food and health, he was delighted to get involved.

Dr Ghosh remarks that many patients are left bewildered and confused by media hysteria surrounding certain food scares and misleading headlines about an array of health conditions.

“I think it’s fair to say that these non-truths are the bane of many a GP’s clinic. It’s very easy to understand why this happens. For example, media in print, online and broadcast almost weekly carry contradictory reports about health and Britain’s favourite foods.”

Dr Ghosh was contacted again last Autumn by BBC producers to appear on firstly Food: Truth or Scare with Gloria Hunniford and Chris Bavin and latterly Health: Truth or Scare with some of the filming taking place in his private GP practice in Rodney Street, Liverpool City Centre.

He actually took part in the very first series of Health: Truth or Scare and was subsequently invited back for the second series.

“The Health: Truth or Scare programme is a wonderful expose, going behind the headlines in search of the facts. Having taking part in the first series, it was a real privilege to be made the resident GP for the second series and being allowed to investigate the truth about some well known ‘old wives tales’ as cures for a variety of remedies. I have to say, some of the results even surprised myself!”

Dr Ghosh worked alongside legendary TV broadcaster and presenter Angela Rippon and Kevin Duala, both of whom he described as “great at unravelling some very alarming stories about our health.”

He added: “The series enables the general public to see which of the alarming headlines can safely be ignored and which ones we need to take more action on. It focuses on for example, whether there is any truth in claims that stress can be good for us, how to safely achieve necessary levels of Vitamin D, the safety of statins, whether it’s possible to be fat or fit and whether man flu really exists!”

Commenting on feedback from both of the shows, he said: “Both have gone down really well with viewers and have already become regular features in the BBC1 schedule. It’s been really good for the practice given the daily coverage that we’ll be getting throughout March and April on the BBC.” 


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