Unravelling the Mystery of Fatigue

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tired woman

Common sense says that if you go to bed early and have a good night’s sleep, you won’t be tired the next day. But what if you are already taking your bedtime routine seriously but you still wake up feeling exhausted? This could be a sign of chronic fatigue, especially if you feel tired all the time throughout the day. 

The first thing your doctor may want to check is the quality of your sleep. You may think you are sleeping enough, but you may not have sufficient zzz time or you may wake up frequently throughout the night. This could, naturally, affect how you feel the next morning. 

Now, let’s imagine that you do, in fact, sleep relatively well at night. What is the next step? 

Truth be told, fatigue could arise for a variety of reasons. So, grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, and let’s find out together why you are feeling fatigued all the time. 

tired woman

The role of healthy food

This is too easily overlooked. You are truly what you eat. Your diet is a major contributor to how energetic or fatigued you feel. It might seem like an obvious point but let’s not forget the importance of eating healthy food. The food you consume will have further benefits besides providing you with plenty of energy throughout the day. It keeps you healthy in more than one way. 

More importantly, this also asks a crucial question about processed food. We already know that excessive consumption of processed food can lead to weight gain, high glucose in your blood, and it can also disturb gut health. But according to a Harvard nutritionist, processed food can also lead to depression and, you name it, fatigue. So, make it your wake up call to change your diet. 

High stress and anxiety

Some level of stress is unavoidable in life. However, if you find yourself experiencing excessive stress, either at work or in your relationship, this could disrupt your sleep patterns and your energy. High stress is draining, especially because your body is constantly in a fight or flight situation, where all its energy is dedicated to managing stress. 

Sedentary lifestyle

How often do you go to the gym? This might sound silly, but those who are regularly physically active are less likely to struggle with fatigue. Regular exercise can help your body relax and feel energised. 

The importance of a blood test

Are you doing all the right things and still, you feel tired all the time? It may be a good idea to consider advanced tests, such as taking private blood tests to get an accurate reading on your health fast. 

This could provide valuable insights, letting you know whether you have significant deficiencies, such as iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B, which are known to cause fatigue. 

Your blood test could also reveal potential underlying medical conditions that you need to address, such as thyroid disorders, or even anaemia. 

The bottom line is that fatigue is a frequent occurrence in our modern society. It can arise for a variety of trivial reasons, such as revenge bedtime. But when simple life adjustments see no improvements, you want to take your fatigue seriously and consider it a symptom of an underlying condition. Remember, being tired is not your natural state!

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