Unusual Date Ideas Around London

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You’ve found this fantastic new person who makes your heart flutter and your stomach twist into knots. You want to take them on an amazing date but don’t want to do the whole dinner-and-a-movie thing. Fear not, here are some out-of-the-ordinary ideas to have some fun with your new mate!

Take a Horseback Ride through Hyde Park


Saddle up and ride! Ross Nye Stables in London offers guided horseback rides through Hyde Park. What a romantic opportunity to ride off into the sunset together!

Take a Speedboat Down the Thames

Feeling fast and furious? Grab your partner and zip down the Thames in a speedboat with the music of James Bond blasting as you go. This is also an excellent option for group dates.

Stop by the Sky Garden

It may be free to enter, but priceless experiences await at the Sky Garden. Have a nice good-morning stretch at sunrise yoga or take in a live music session. Looking for something a bit slower-paced? You can also walk around and gaze out at the stunning London skyline.

Indulge in Some Wine in a Cave!


Claiming to be the oldest wine bar in London, Gordon’s Wine Bar is established in Charing’s Cross, London. Enjoy a relaxing evening outside at one of their patio tables, or take a journey to the cellar and have some wine by candlelight.

Have a Romantic Night In

Always a classic choice, cuddle up in a romantic hotel, flip on Netflix, munch on some snacks, and maybe play some board games or challenge each other on the slots at NetBet – the winnings can go to the next date outing.

Check Out the Tower of London After Hours

Tower of London

For you spooky souls out there, take advantage of the Tower of London’s “Tower Twilight Tours”. Traverse the Tower of London on this walking tour of some of the building’s most haunted locations. Maybe Anne Boleyn will make an appearance.

Take a Dance Class


Swing, cha-cha, tango, whatever comes to mind, throw on those dancing shoes and hit the dancefloor! Twirl your partner around, dip them low with dance classes, or turn on some music and freestyle it!

Take a Kayak to Crate Brewery

Paddle your way down London’s oldest canal to the waterfront Crate Brewery. The 6km kayaking trip takes you from Limehouse to Hackney. Don’t worry if you’ve never kayaked before; professional instruction is included in the package.

Do Some Unconventional Shopping

tote bag

Grab an eco-friendly shopping bag and hit up one of the food markets around London. Grab some fresh produce at Brockley Market or snag some pies on Whitecross Street.

Try Your Hand at Taxidermy

When the cat’s away, the mice will play! Well, not exactly. Prep, position, and display your works of furry art in a taxidermy workshop.

Gather Round the Fire at the Midnight Apothecary

Make way for an enchanting evening at the Midnight Apothecary. Specialising in botanically inspired cocktails, this whimsical spot hosts live music, serves hot meals in-house, and best of all, unlimited marshmallows for roasting on the fire.


Date nights don’t have to be monotonous. Unlock your wild side with some of these more adventurous ideas!

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