How to utilise your weekend well

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll dream all week long of that all-important weekend, only to find those precious two days are over in a flash. There’s no doubt that when spending the entire week working, there is only one target in mind, and that’s some time off! The average weekend lasts a total of fifty-five hours, so ensuring that you get the most out of those precious minutes is important for a fulfilling weekend. Here are some top tips for crafting a productive, relaxing and happy weekend.

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Schedule in some time for exercise

As much as the thought of lounging around and doing absolutely nothing over the weekend sounds appealing, chances are that two days of prolonged laziness can actually leave us feeling sluggish as opposed to well rested. Schedule in some time to enjoy a little exercise, whether it’s a light country walk or a yoga class and reap in the benefits.

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Avoid routine if possible

If you work a structured or 9-5 job, you’ll have to contend with routine each and every day of your working life. The weekend offers a great opportunity to break the mundane and try something different. By leaving your alarm off, and waking up naturally, you’re already starting the day with a fresh sense of purpose. Weekend mornings provide a fantastic occasion for taking your time over breakfast, perhaps reading a newspaper or magazine over a fresh cup of coffee or by taking the time to cook a delicious breakfast. Whatever you choose to do, invest in the fact that you wouldn’t normally have time to do this on a weekday, and enjoy your free routine.

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Take a staycation

The phrase holiday doesn’t have to be reserved for two weeks a year in the sunshine, and the term staycation doesn’t have to mean a week in July at the seaside. Staycations can be as long or as short as you desire, and they simply mean getting away from it all, whilst still being close enough to home for when it’s required. The weekend is the perfect time to indulge in a two-night mini break close to home, and within the UK there are a range of fabulously indulgent locations, depending on your idea of a fun weekend. If you’re wanting to explore a new city and immerse yourself in vibrant nightlife, look to the likes of trendy apartments in London or Liverpool. If you’re looking for a rural escape, Character Cottages luxury holiday cottages offer a unique place to rest your head after a day exploring the Cotswolds wilderness.

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Spend quality time with loved ones

Spending time with friends and family is a fantastic way to feel like you’ve had a fulfilling weekend. Rather than arranging to sit around the home together, why not plan a group activity? By planning a picnic in the park, a communal BBQ or a day at the Zoo with the people you love to be around, you’re sure to feel fulfilled come Monday.

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Avoid doing too many chores

For many, the weekend seems like the perfect time to do those all-important jobs that have been lingering around the home throughout the week. Yet it’s important to remember that your weekend time is precious, and you shouldn’t be allotting too much time to catching up on chores. Remember that jobs can be done at any point – but you can’t always be out in the bright outdoors enjoying some me time!

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