Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

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Christmas hot chocolate

2020 has been the year we’ve all stayed at home, and it looks like even our Christmases will be spent online too. With various Christmas restrictions in place, from the number of people we can host this year to where we can travel to, traditional Christmas days might have to be replaced with virtual get-togethers. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some festive cheer – and in fact, in a recent survey conducted by the business card specialists, instantprint, a virtual Christmas party might provide us with some surprising savings too.

They found the average person spends just over £40 on a new outfit, with the fashion-conscious people of Birmingham spending the most. And it’s not just a new outfit that sees us spending on a Christmas party, there’s the drinks bill coming in at £38.58, the fast-food at the end of the night, and of course the taxi home, with the average journey costing passengers £19.41. And if you live in the south of England, you could save around £171, and those in the north could save £136.85 simply by staying home this Christmas.

While an online virtual party might not live up to one in real life, we’ve got some fun and festive ideas for you to try this year – that won’t break the bank!

Cocktail-Making Class


Nothing says Christmas quite like a snowball or buck’s fizz, so why not host a virtual cocktail-making class? There are a number of companies who send out cocktail making kits and you and your nearest and dearest can mix, shake, and sip to your heart’s content – without the hassle of organising a taxi home.

Virtual Murder Mystery

house in sepia

Traditional parlour games are a popular choice this Christmas. Send out enticing invites and host your very own virtual murder mystery. There are plenty of companies that create scripts, all you have to do is set the scene, suggest costumes, get your own drinks and nibbles, and settle in for a night of playing detective.

Wreath Making

Christmas decorations

There’s no better way to showcase your festive spirit than with a wreath. Hosting a virtual wreath making class is not only a great way to see your much-missed colleagues, but it’s a great way to keep you occupied when there’s an occasional lull in conversation. Choose to make a traditional wreath with orange segments, cinnamon sticks, and pinecones, or opt for a more contemporary look with fairy lights, baubles, and maybe a glittery stag statue or two.

Virtual Bake-off

hot chocolate & festive treats

If the scent of cinnamon, ginger, and hot chocolate evokes a feeling of Christmas then a virtual bake-off is the Christmas party you should choose. Set your guests the challenge of creating festive treats such as gingerbread houses, mince pies, and even lebkuchen biscuits. If you live close to one another, you can even drop-off your baked goods for tasting – or just eat them yourself and award yourself star baker!

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