Five wardrobe essentials for men

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wardrobe essentials

In today’s appearance-focused society, there has never been more emphasis placed on looking and feeling good and choosing your wardrobe essentials carefully. From the clothes we wear to personal grooming to how we style our homes, we care more than ever before. And while it’s not about caring what other people think, there is some pride to be taken and confidence to be had when we portray ourselves as the version we want to be.

If you take pride in your appearance and care about your apparel, you can choose between a few fashion paths. Firstly, you could choose a classic look which incorporates stylish pieces that last in terms of cut and fit. Alternatively, you could go for an ultra-high-fashion look that needs permanently updating to keep abreast of new trends that arise. Then there is the choice of having a blend of the two. Some high fashion, some classically stylish, blended into a unique style that is particular to you.

Choosing a classic look or a blend of fashion with classic piece necessitates the same thing – some staples to rely on. These wardrobe essentials can be used in a variety of situations and can be mixed with a range of other pieces meaning they will get worn time and again. That’s why spending a little more on your essentials turns out to be a good value for money as if chosen well, they will stand the test of time style-wise and will be durable enough to last. Let’s take a look at five essentials all men should have at their fingertips:

1.Good jeans

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A well-cut, well-fitting, pair of jeans is absolutely essential. In fact, it’s so useful we recommend you have several pairs in a variety of colours. They can be dressed up or down to be casual or smart and are built to last thanks to the durability of denim.

2. A couple of hoodies

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Ok, so one of the reasons we suggest you should have more than one of these is because they are likely to get nicked by people in your life. The lady you spend time with, your younger brother, a friend or even your sister might all try to take a decent hoodie away from you. Make sure you stock up on 883 Police hoodies for men, so you have one to hand when you want to be comfy, cosy, casual but also a bit stylish at the same time.

3. A decent blazer

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Worn over a shirt, jumper or even a hoodie, a blazer can instantly upgrade your look from nondescript to noticeable. Make sure it fits your shape well (there are different cuts available for different body types) and choose a colour which can mix with a variety of outfits to get your wear out of it.

4. Parka-life

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Let’s face it, it’s more cold than hot in England, so we all need a good coat! Invest a good quality parka and not only will you be warm and protected from the elements, but you’ll also look good in the process!

5. Polo shirts

wardrobe essentials 5

Again, these can be dressed up or down, can go under blazers, jumpers, and even hoodies to add an extra layer. They are versatile, comfortable and wash well keeping their shape (if you buy quality) so are a must-have item in any man’s wardrobe.

You may find you have your own list of wardrobe essentials which is a much longer list than this. But if you’re missing anything on this, why not treat yourself? Once you’ve bought it, you will wonder how you lived without it beforehand, we assure you.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with 883 Police. For more features, please pay a visit to our fashion page.

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