How to Upgrade Your Washroom With Simple Updates

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The washroom is an area where we spend a lot of time, and between morning preparations and other activities, it’s a space where you will want to feel comfortable. In some cases, a full bathroom renovation can be expensive and require a significant investment of time. However, there are some upgrades you can make to improve your washroom without a lot of work or funds. 

Inexpensive Washroom Upgrades

The following are some inexpensive and easy things you can add or replace in your bathroom to make it more luxurious and stylish. 

  • Shower Seals: If you have a glass shower, water may leak onto the floor as you wash, creating a mess that you will have to deal with after you are freshly clean. You can eliminate this hassle by adding shower seals to keep the water inside your shower area and prevent leaks. Just add a wiper blade squeegee and wipe the shower door insides when you’re done to make deep cleaning jobs more manageable. The Shower Seal Shop has different seals, including standard bottom sweep seals and triple fin seals, for more complicated shower doors. 
  • Self-Closing Toilet Lid: No one likes the loud sound that happens when the toilet seat closes abruptly, and you can eliminate this by replacing the toilet lid with a self-closing alternative. It’s inexpensive and offers an immediate solution to the loud banging noise. A self-closing toilet lid may also improve sanitation since you won’t have to touch the toilet lid to close it. 
  • Storage Upgrades: Washrooms are typically short on storage options, but there are some inexpensive solutions and ways to add storage to the small space. You can install a hanging cabinet above the toilet for linens, toiletries, and extra toilet paper and take advantage of this often unused wall space. Shower shelves are also very easy to install and provide compact storage for your shampoo and soaps. Glass shelving is also handy for extra washroom storage or decorative display. The clear profile works perfectly in the small room. 
  • Curved Shower Curtain Rod: If you have a standard shower and bathtub, you can create additional elbow room by replacing your straight shower curtain rod with a curved one.
  • Towel Warmer: Turn your standard washroom into a luxury spa with a towel warmer. The accessory is easy to install and quite affordable, and when you place your towel on it before you step into the shower, you can enjoy a lovely fresh-out-of-the-dryer feeling when you exit.
  • Frame the Mirror: For boring vanity mirrors, a pretty DIY frame can bring lively colour and charm to your bathroom. Using MDF, tile, grout, and wood trim, you can make your own mirror frame to brighten your washroom space. You can also install attractive accent tile in the shower for a colourful statement.
  • Replace & Repaint: You can quickly transform your bathroom look for less than £100 by replacing the light fixtures and faucet and repainting the vanity and the bathroom walls. It will feel like a brand new room – just add fresh, new towels in a complimenting colour to complete the look.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with The Shower Seal Shop. For more inspiration for your home, please pay a visit to our interiors page. Image by Jean van der Meulen.

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