What To Buy Your Partner If You Can’t Be With Them This Valentine’s Day

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Thanks to the pandemic, plenty of couples have to deal with spending time apart right now. That’s not ideal, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up.

Fortunately, if you can’t be with your beloved this February 14th, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the special day. You can still buy each other gifts, although you may want to think outside the box with your presents this year.

Why not go for one of these pandemic-friendly options?

Online Concert Tickets


One of the best things about your favourite artist releasing new music is the live shows that typically follow. Unfortunately, most concerts have been cancelled over the last year due to the pandemic. We’ve no idea when these shows will make a proper return, but thankfully, there is still a way you can enjoy live music in this current situation.

Plenty of musicians – as well as comedians, actors, and more – are doing online concerts to keep their fans entertained. You can find more information about who’s performing here, so if someone your partner loves is doing such a show, it might be worth buying them a ticket.

A Personalised Mystery

haunted house

If your other half considers themself an amateur detective, they may appreciate this next gift idea. It’s a series of letters sent to their door that reveal a dark mystery they have to solve.

Through the clues they receive in the post, they should be able to piece everything together without any help. However, you can always make it a joint venture over a video call if you’re a whodunnit fan yourself.

Whether you’re buying it for a boyfriend or girlfriend, this makes for an excellent personalised gift for him and her. You can learn more on Mysterious Mail by checking out the website if you’re interested.

A Relationship Scrapbook

writing in a notebook

Seeing as you can’t be together this year, a scrapbook of your relationship so far might be the best thing to buy your other half. It’ll allow them to look back on all your happy memories together so they can think about how much they love you on this special day.

You can either make it by hand and post it to your partner or create one online and have it delivered to their door. However, whatever option you go for, we’d suggest not filling in the whole book. That way, you can continue to add to it as you enjoy more special moments together.

A Subscription Box

heart shaped box of chocolates

Nothing tells someone you know them well quite like giving them a subscription box of their favourite things.

Whether they love chocolate, flowers, books, candles, or something else, there are hundreds of subscription box options available out there. GQ lists some of the best, although you can look to plenty of other places too to find something that’s perfect for your partner.

Usually, these boxes are a recurring thing, so if your other half loves theirs, they can take over the subscription and keep paying for more. Then, you’ll have the joy of knowing that you truly got them a gift that keeps on giving.

Not being with your partner on Valentine’s Day is the worst. Thankfully, you can still show them how much you care with these gifts that are perfect for the current situation.

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