What you can do with your summer house

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You may have dreamed of having your own summer house for many years – and now you already have one or will have it set up in your space soon. While you could have specific plans for this particular set-up, you may also be thinking about what else you can use your summer house for. What could you do?

Your summer house doesn’t have to be just a place where you can sit and read a book, watching the world go by. There are plenty of uses you could have for this special structure. Here are only a few of the suggestions that may spark an idea that causes a flurry of excitement as you plan what you can do next with your summer house.

A home office

wooden summer house

A garden office may be the thing for you if you work from home. You can use a mixture of traditional and modern furniture to have a stylish spot from which you can work. You could also consider placing your desk near a door or window, so you can open either of these to get a cool breath of air breezing through the space. This will also help create a calming effect, as will painting this room in white.

A dining space

By adding a decking area to your summer house, then you can create the perfect area for you to have a lazy summer lunch. Folding chairs and bunting will give it the look of a typical English clubhouse – and, if it starts to rain, you can swiftly move your furniture inside so you can set up comfortably again under the shelter of your summer house.

A spare room

treated timber summer house
Image is from the 1st Choice Leisure Buildings website

You can turn your summer house into a stylish spare room if you don’t have a space for guests in your home, which will also become a talking point of their trip. You can try mixing prints – from dots to geometric shapes – as they can look sophisticated when used in moderation. This could be an intriguing option for you when looking at summer houses for your garden.

A children’s playroom

Having an outdoor building for your children’s playroom is a great way to help you contain their clutter. This could also be an area when they can release their own creativity. You can also think about adding storage, seating, and plenty of different colours, making the summer house a great crafting place for them in the warmer months. You’ll need to add both lighting and heating if you see it being used during other times of the year.

A place to relax

whitewashed summer house

You can use your summer house as a great relaxation room to escape to right at the end of your garden. You can unwind with a drink after a long day, as you watch butterflies and birds going about their business. You can also leave your favourite book or a few magazines to read as the sun sets. You could add some retro style to it with mid-century furniture with cool greys and include a pop of colour with prints.

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