What You Need to Know About Buying a Private Number Plate

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Buying a private number plate to display on your prized and loved car is something that you may have wanted to do for a while. However, do you know what the process entails, and do you know what you have to consider to ensure that your new private plate is fully legal and roadworthy?

How Much You Want to Spend


To kickstart the process, you have to decide how much you want to spend. If you are looking at spelling out your name on your plate, you have to accept that this will cost you substantially more than having your initials would. Private number plates range in price from 3 figures, all the way up to 5 figures plus. Deciding what your budget is from the get-go will help you be realistic in your search and help you find a plate that you like (that fits your budget).

The Forms and Paperwork Involved


Every car comes with its own unique number plate, and to make changes to this existing number plate, you will have to fill in forms and register it with the relevant body, such as the DVLA. You cannot simply switch your old number plate for a new plate as this will mean your car is illegal and therefore not to be used on the road. Switching a standard DVLA Private Number Plate and getting one that you love and cherish will require you to fill in transfer paperwork, so make sure you do this when you purchase a number place.

New or Pre-registered Number Plate

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When you are looking at what number plates to buy, and you are deciding which one suits you, your car, and your personality, you need to consider both new and pre-registered options. Pre-registered options will be plates that have been used before, on another car, and by another person (perhaps even sold by this person). Whereas new number plates will be registered and used on your vehicle for the first time. Generally speaking, pre-registered number plates will often cost more because they may feature unique characters that spell out your name or your favourite football club.

Buying Through a Trader or Buying Direct

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When you have decided what you want your new number plate to look like, and you are happy that it is personal to you and to your car, you then have to choose who you will purchase from. Are you going to look at buying directly from a provider, or are you going to look at 3rd party, perhaps through a trader? When you know who you want to purchase from, you can then begin to ramp up your search.

Giving yourself an adequate amount of time to buy a private number plate and transfer it onto your vehicle is important. The transfer process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several weeks, so give yourself enough time to make the change happen – especially if you are doing this as a surprise or gift for a loved one.

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