Which celebrities have been impacted by medical negligence?

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Fighting for medical negligence can be very difficult and emotional, but don’t feel singled out. Medical negligence can happen to anyone and in fact there are quite a few celebs that have been impacted by it in the past.

Kylie Minogue

Pop star Kylie Minogue was misdiagnosed by doctors who performed a mammogram and told her that she was healthy enough to go on tour in 2005. Unfortunately, a few weeks later it was discovered that she had developed breast cancer. She spoke about it later on the Ellen DeGeneres show:

“So my message is… because someone is in a white coat and using big medical instruments doesn’t necessarily mean they are right. If you have any doubt, go back again.”

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews, known for her role in the musical film ‘Mary Poppins’ in which she became famous for singing the lead part of several songs, learnt that she had a cancerous node on her throat. According to reports, an operation to have it removed unfortunately damaged her vocal cords in the process. She won an out of court settlement against the doctor for an undisclosed amount.

Dana Carvey

The actor, Dana Carvey is known for his appearances on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and movies such as Wayne’s World and Master of Disguise. Unfortunately, Carvey required heart surgery, but once the operation had ended, he felt unwell. After many check-ups, another surgeon discovered that the doctor who had operated on his heart had bypassed the wrong artery. Carvey suffered serious health effects as a result and sued for malpractice, winning the case and receiving $7.5 million as compensation.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was a comedian and a controversial figure who had a long career in comedy. In 2014 she died of a heart attack, but her daughter claimed that her death was a result of complications suffered after a routine endoscopy. According to her, doctors had performed laryngoscopy on her vocal cords without her prior consent. A year later her family reached a settlement.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is one of the most well-known wrestlers and worked for the WWE for a long time. While wrestling shows are largely considered to be fake, the physical strain from carrying out wrestling moves is often very real and many wrestlers injure themselves. Hulk Hogan underwent surgery due to pain in his back, but later found the procedures to be unnecessary and not able to solve his problem. He wasn’t able to continue his work as a wrestler for almost two years. 

Medical negligence can happen to anyone no matter how high profile they are and the best care they can get.

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