Will Travel Return to Some Form of Normality in 2021?

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No-one could have predicted last year’s damage to the travel industry. It’s still recovering from the impact of the pandemic. However, this year could give it a real boost. With the UK taking the lead in rolling the vaccine out, could we start to see travel get back on its feet during 2021?

Surge in Demand


After a year of being stuck at home, it comes as no surprise that people are eager to get away as soon as possible. Travel companies have reported an increase in bookings. This is both in short-haul holidays for later this year, as well as long-haul trips in 2022. It’s clear that people want to make up for the lost time and see more of the world. If you’re interested in booking a trip, make sure to bookmark Jordan group tours for travel inspiration.

Extra Flights


The future of travel is evolving as the news progresses. However, travel airlines and companies are trying to prepare for the surge in demand. For instance, the airline company Jet2 has added extra flights to its schedule. Travel industry expert, Paul Charles, said he was confident that customers could book trips for certain in May and the summer will be very busy. This is good news for the travel industry as it could help repair the damage caused by the pandemic.

Travel Corridors

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However, even though people are keen to go on holiday again, it’s likely it won’t be quite the same as before. International travel will be slow to reopen, and it will take a long time for things to resemble normal. However, we could see travel corridors opened again. This could allow trips to countries where the number of low cases is low. Right now, it’s hard to predict when this will happen and what countries it will include. It’s best to keep an eye on the government guidelines page.

Vaccine Passport

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Going forward you may need to show documents that prove you’ve had the vaccine before you’re permitted to travel. For example, the Australian airline Qantas has updated its terms and conditions that international passengers need proof they’ve been vaccinated. However, this may not be the case for all airlines, especially short-haul ones. It’s also that we’ll see testing get introduced at more airports.

Building Confidence

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With some people eager to go as soon as possible, others will remain tentative. The industry will have to work hard in order to regain people’s confidence. Perhaps people will opt for staycations this summer and save international travel for a later time. It’s likely there will be a high domestic demand this year. 

Although the future of travel remains cloudy, it’s clear that people are eager to get going when they’re allowed to. How do you feel about travelling this year?

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