Restaurants delivering culinary delights in the Wirral & Waterloo

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There are more restaurants that deliver food around the Wirral than I ever dreamt of. What did become painfully obvious, as I cast my eye over mouth-watering menus, is what we are all missing. So let’s hear it for those sterling restaurants and resilient delivery guys that will continue to do what they do best, cooking up a gourmet storm, somewhere near you, and then bringing it safely to your door. Then, probably, raise a toast to family and friends, until we all meet up again.

WORDS: Jean Hill. With special thanks to Ramsey and Jenny Campbell.

‘On the table spread the cloth, Let the knives be sharp and clean: Pickles get and salad both, Let them each be fresh and green: With small beer, good ale, and wine, Oh ye gods! How I shall dine.’ Jonathan Swift’s Cooking poem.

Magic Spices, Wallasey

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Magic Spices is a curry house that offers contemporary and classic Indian food. There is a delivery service, depending on location. We can totally recommend the food. Our editor loves their classic chicken korma, and I am a big fan of their tikka masala, the lamb is always succulent, with a lovely creamy, slightly spicy sauce. Tel: 0151 6911919.

Nova Restaurant, Heswall

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Ready meals can be ordered for next day delivery. We love this restaurant: their food is ‘British’ with inspiration from classic French with possibly a dash of Mediterranean cuisine. There are Chicken Cassoulet and Beef Bourguignon on the menu, and some mention of sour dough bread, which happens to be my favourite bread.

Olive Tree Bistro, New Brighton

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The Olive Tree do gift cards. We think that gift cards are a brilliant way of supporting our restaurant industry until they are up and running normally again. When we can enjoy Sunday roast here, we will appreciate it so much more, and we were big fans to begin with. The meat is always top quality, and the Yorkshire puddings and gravy are awesome. Tel: 0151 6381810.

Tuk Tuk Thai, Seaview Road, Wallasey

They had me at Kang Kiew Wan (green curry). It is created from: fresh green chilli, cooked in coconut milk, green beans, lime leaves, sweet basil leaves and courgette. All this, and more, can be yours:

Poseidon Greek, Seaview Road, Wallasey

This is a family business, that employs a traditional Greek chef, and offers Mezze, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Order for delivery through:

Mezze Restaurant, Liscard Road, Liscard

Another family run business that offers Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. We have eaten here and the salads, small plates, and moussaka are all delicious. Order for delivery through:

Charming Thai, Oxton Road, Birkenhead

Reviews suggest that the duck salad is stunning and Panang Thai curry with prawns sounds good to me. Order for delivery through:

Capitol Chinese, Argyle Street, Birkenhead

There is a vegetarian banquet and a chef gourmet banquet with beef and green peppers in black bean sauce, and some mention of Mandarin ribs. Order for delivery through:

Kerala Kitchen, South Indian, Upton

This restaurant does takeaway and delivery. They are offering NHS staff, including ambulance crews, a 40% discount, which is a huge gesture. Their Tandoori chicken seems a popular choice.

Curry Night, Hoylake (Indian) (Szechuan)

I discovered butter chicken (Murgh Makhani) with rich tomato sauce, cultured yoghurt, cream and extra butter. Sounds quite indulgent, but very satisfying. Order for delivery through:

Noya, Upton (Mediterranean)

This is Mediterranean fine dining. Sadly the fine dining will need to be at home, for just now. There are charcoal kebab dishes and sea-food platter, and my own personal favourite: moussaka. Order for delivery through:

Amara, Wallasey (Turkish)

This is a restaurant that offers Turkish barbecue and grilled Cypriot halloumi cheese. I found chicken skewer, on the menu, that involves chicken breast marinated, and grilled on charcoal. Sounds incredible. Order for delivery through:

Saffron, Waterloo (Indian and Nepalese)

The range is: Indian, Asian, Balti and Nepalese. This is a vegetarian friendly restaurant. The boneless Tandoori chicken comes recommended. The food is cooked with loving care, and will be a treat in store, if you are within their delivery area.

Bon appetit and stay safe.

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