You Don’t Need A Forest To Make Wood Work In Your Home

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Natural home interiors have featured prominently in top styling lists for a few years at this point, having gained in popularity predominantly off the back of a move to more rustic/industrial home finishes, and furthered by minimalist trends that continue to favour natural home additions. Now, it’s not unusual to incorporate everything from wooden dividing walls to panelled ceilings to get the wooden look. But, what if you want to enjoy a touch of the outdoors without going to these sometimes extreme lengths? 

After all, generally increased eco-conscious approaches to home decor on the whole, as well as the minimalism that we touched on above, mean that subtle is most often best when it comes to wooden additions in the home. The question is, what exactly does that look like in modern decor?

Wooden floors

wooden floors

Wooden, or even laminate floors, are a staple in the vast majority of minimalist homes, and they provide an excellent example of how to subtly make wood work in any space. After all, without providing the clutter that can otherwise come from additions like wooden ceiling panels, light (or blonde) wood floors like maple, hickory and oak are forgiving, generally easier to get hold of, and provide a great way to incorporate at least the impression of space and light into any room. Herringbone or mosaic options are available, but many homeowners find that simplistic planks cut specifically for the room in question provide an undeniably beneficial way to bring wood within the home, without once going over the top, or further complicating the space. 

Wooden panelling

wooden panelling

Wooden panelling was a traditional feature in many older homes, but it’s making a significant, and satisfyingly subtle, comeback right now. DIY additions are especially popular at the moment, with some homeowners going all out with full wooden panels, while others cut out strips of painted wood to provide a better incorporated panelled style. Stocking up on recycled wood and investing in brand point drill bits like these Famag products online ensures that this a relatively eco-friendly way to make wood work in any room. Countryside interiors or characterful properties will certainly benefit from this addition if it’s done well!

Furniture itself

It’s also imperative to note that it’s not necessary to incorporate wood into your features themselves if you simply take the time to invest in quality wooden furniture in the first place. Second-hand oak tables or quality wooden drawer sets etc. are especially beneficial for providing an affordable, eco-friendly way to secure furniture additions that still enable wood to take centre stage in any room. Equally, using those same tools mentioned above to create wooden bookcases or simply floating wooden shelves can be a great, repurposed way to achieve a flash of nature that fits seamlessly with whatever’s going on elsewhere. 

Wood can be an amazing addition in any home for both lightening a space and providing a much-needed touch of nature. Make sure it works for you with the subtle approach that each of these tips brings within easy reach! 

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