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As record numbers of people are currently working from home, we take a look at how to give your home a refresh, whether you want to invest in a few new pieces or simply re-organise your space.

Want to form healthy habits? Make some simple changes

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As the His & Hers team knows all too well, if there are tasty treats like donuts or cookies in our line of sight, we will eat them! However, if we place an attractive bowl of fruit and some water where we can see it, we’ll reach for these healthier options instead. And even when it comes to exercising more, re-jgging your home’s layout can help. For example, this writer made sure there was plenty of room in the living room to practice yoga, and leaves a rolled up yoga mat propped against the wall as a visual reminder to work out. This means that you don’t have to associate exercising from home with having to clear furniture out of the way, or even move a rug, meaning you’re more likely to do it.

Short on space? Use some visual trickery

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If you love your home, but occasionally wish you had a little more space, it could be time to use some simple visual trickery to make your rooms look bigger. For example, in almost every home, having a little de-clutter will generally create a sense of spaciousness. Also, rather than adding in lots of different patterns and textures to your scheme, pare things back and go for simpler options, such as glass table tops. They’ll create a sleeker more streamlined look. Also, if you wish your windows were bigger, why not steal a trick from hotels and opt for a large curtain pole and luxurious looking curtains to trick the eye into thinking you have bigger windows than you do.

Make little regular changes

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Even if you love your home and its layout, we can get so used to our surroundings that we stop fully appreciating them. Even just moving your photographs around every once in a while, or re-organising your bookshelves, can help you to notice things that you’ve missed (and perhaps rediscover some books that you’d like to re-read). Sometimes we think of improving our interior design as being a big project that requires a big investment, but the tiniest everyday tweaks (including doing a bit of domestic goddessing so that everything sparkles, or buying a bunch of flowers) can really brighten up your home. Also, who doesn’t love curling up under laundry-fresh bedding? Sometimes giving your home some serious TLC without spending any money at all can work wonders. So if you’re ready for a change, but daunted at the prospect of giving your home a complete revamp, why not start small and take it from there.

We’re very proud to bring you this feature in association with The Glass Warehouse. They provide the stylish toughened glass products for your home, but the words are all our own. 

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